About Us

4 Generations In The Business

Chris Wold - 1895 to 1952
Harry Wold - 1922 to 1980
Jerry Wold - 1952 to Present
Todd Wold - 1978 to Present


Chris Wold came from Norway to the United States of America at the age of only 18. He started his business in Boyd, MN at the young age of 22. Back then home interior's were plastered with many of them boasting a stucco exterior. Chris mastered these skills and handled both for his customers. He even handled some brick and mortar projects when the job called for it.

Soon his son Harry came along. From an early age Harry was trained by his father. Through the years he too would master the skills that would carry through yet another generation. For many years this acquired gift produced many pleased customers.

Not unlike his father, Harry too had a son and once again decided to pass these skills off to a third generation. His son Jerry, just as his father did, started in the business at an early age. He began his aprrenticeship of learning how to plaster and stucco. An art that would soon succomb to the advent of sheetrock. By the time Jerry was old enough to take over the business, sheetrock had already started to make its presence. Many of the old school tradesman in the business had condemned the product and refused to work with it. Jerry was able to see that sheetrock was going to be the next wave that would revolutionize the industry and that it did.

Jerry quickly mastered this new plaster system which was much more efficient and allowed him to finish jobs much faster than before. By this time business was doing very well. It was time to bring in the fourth genereation. Jerry's son Todd decided to join him.

Today, Jerry and Todd carry on this family drywall business. Hanging sheets of drywall, taping, texturing, sanding all of which produce a superior product that we all expect today. Jerry and Todd through four generations of wall finishing development take it a step further by adding that superior quality, great customer service and all completed in a timely manner.

Customer service is ALWAYS a priority with JTW Drywall. It's what keeps us in business and our customers coming back.